2023 Scholarship Applications
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Deadline is April 14, 2023

2022 Recipients:

Katie Gosvener - Manson, WA
Amelia Jobe - Boise, ID
Madison Lovell - Bellevue, ID
Gerald Newenhof - Astoria, OR

Presten Price - Kimberly, ID

The WBMA Educational Link Scholarship Fund was established by the members of Western Building Material Association for the purpose of assisting in providing higher education opportunities for children of members' employees, and the employees themselves. Its goal is to develop a perpetual fund that can award significant and an increased number of scholarships that will enable more individuals in our industry to obtain advanced training. 

The Link Fund completed its 30th year and recently awarded five $4,000 scholarships. The caliber of individuals applying for the scholarships is inspiring, reinforcing the fact that there continues to be a lot of very fine people in our industry. This perpetual fund can help see that these individuals develop into solid leaders of tomorrow by affording them the opportunity for higher education. 

The Link Fund receives its growth from the raffle held during WBMA's Annual Convention and other company contributions received throughout the year. The Link Fund has also grown through memorials as industry members remember their colleagues and loved ones. Your contribution qualifies as tax deductible to the non-profit WBMA Link Scholarship Fund, incorporated in the State of Washington. Contributions can be sent to the WBMA office at PO Box 1699 - Olympia, Washington, 98507. 

An eligible candidate is:

An employee with three years' full-time employment with a WBMA member firm or a dependent of an employee who has three years' employment with a WBMA member firm.

Will have a high school diploma or equivalent by August 1, 2023.

Is attending or plans to attend an accredited two-year or four-year school of higher education or an accredited vocational school with the intent of the candidate to earn a degree or satisfactory certificate of completion of a vocational program.

Selection process: 

Scholarship recipients are selected by a five member panel. Selections criteria includes: academic achievements, extracurricular activities, financial need and long term goals.

Educational Link Scholarship Fund history of recipients (1993 to present) 

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